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Rhinoceros Times publishes “Reality Store” Letter to the Editor

March 22, 2012

The Rhinoceros Times printed the “Reality Store” Letter to the Editor about the Tuesday, March 27th Reality Store at Oak View Elementary in High Point


There’s a lot of concern out there about students not getting a proper education in regards to how the world works and most of the time that concern is spot on.

However, this isn’t true when it comes to a little to no cost program called the “Reality Store” which simulates how things will work for these future grown ups.

It starts with participating classes brought into their school gym where every student is given their annual salary along with adult identities that range from a married couple with no children to a single parent with up to four children.

From there, these newly deputized adults go from station to station where they choose to rent apartments or homes based on their income along with making other important spending decisions on clothing, groceries, commuting, and more.

By the end of the half hour process, most school kids finally have an understanding of why their parents can’t simply buy them everything they ask for along with why education is so important when it comes to income.

One parent went so far as to write organizers complimenting Reality Store for successfully teaching their child in one morning what they’ve tried to convey for years.

Read the rest on page 25 of the Rhino (or page 16 of this online version):

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