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Promotions Based Campaign (PBC) offered as innovation to Fundraising Status Quo

March 8, 2012

Michael Norbury School Board At Large explains in the above audio video how a Promotions Based Campaign (PBC) works and it’s ability to help maximize donor contributions while reducing the influence of special interests.
Video Text Below:

“Tired of special interests buying up elections through Donations Based Campaigns where dollars are traded for deals once a candidate gets elected?

Well, it’s a difficult problem to fix because campaigns require a lot of cash especially when going up against an incumbent.

Money is needed to purchase a voter list, print up campaign materials, and pay for postage in hopes of getting their literature into the hands of targeted voters.

The Michael Norbury School Board At Large campaign has a suggestion:  It’s called a Promotions Based Campaign or “PBC” for short.

The way it works is first you visit, then click on the “Promotions Based Campaign” button on the side to then download the newest digital files for  Norbury at Large campaign materials including postcards, flyers, and even yard signs.

You can then print them out on your home computer to have on hand to give to friends, family, and neighbors that agree with the Norbury At Large Platform of Improved Business and Economics Education, Better College Loan Education, and New Teacher Incentives because education creates jobs.

Notice that this in kind contribution to the campaign is relatively uncoordinated.

This reduces the likelihood of contributions being given in exchange for favors to certain organizations which frees up the candidate to vote the way they campaigned once elected.

For what it costs in dollars for a donations based campaign to reach just one voter, you can accomplish in pennies through a promotions based campaign using your own paper and printer.

Of course, if you’d like to have a more professional look to the artwork, consider using a local printer to help boost your local economy.

Once printed, send us a copy of the receipt via email by taking a picture of it with your smart phone or computer scanner.

If you don’t have time to do this, you can simply mail us a photo copy.

Please check for more details on sending receipts, spending limits, and reporting details.

Yes, printing things to distribute on your own and sending back receipts seems like a hassle, but ask yourself this:

How upset are you about special interests buying up our local, state, and federal elections?

Angry enough to go to and press print on your home computer?

Fed up enough to print a dozen and stick them in the mailboxes of everyone on your hall or street?

Outraged enough to print up 100 and put them in the mailboxes of everyone in your apartment complex or neighborhood?

Livid enough to go to a local printer and get your very own Michael Norbury School Board At Large yard sign made up and help out a local business in the process?

The choice is up to you.”

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