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Rhino Times’ Michael Norbury School Board Candidate Interview

March 10, 2012

This week’s Rhinoceros Times included my candidate interview on why I’m running found on page 8:

“Norbury, a graphic designer who lives in Greensboro, participated in a citizen audit of the 2010-2011 Guilford County Schools budget. He said he is running on a three-pronged platform: improved business and economics education, stronger college loan education, and new incentives for teachers. He has spoken at numerous school board meetings to promote martial arts programs in the schools.

Norbury lives in District 3, but said he is running at large because he’s more interested in the county’s inner-city schools than the relatively affluent and successful schools in northern Guilford County.

“Really, it’s the Title I schools, the heartbreaking cases where they just have little chance of moving foreword even if they do graduate,” he said. “I find Andrews High School and the other such schools interesting for their potential. Those are really the motivations for me.”

My Letter to the Editor was also printed on page 25 regarding the correlation between low self esteem and antidepressants in school shootings along with the suggestion that martial arts is the best solution for helping students build up self respect to avoid the path that leads to tragedies like the ones in Cleveland and Virginia Tech.

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